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  1. Cleansers
  2. Toners
  3. Moisturisers
  4. Anti-Ageing
  5. Masks
  6. Men
  7. Sun / aftersun
  8. Self Tan
  9. Special Care
  10. Personal Care
Cleansers are formulated as surface active gels, lotions, oil-free lotions, with or without surfactants.
'Actives' which may be included in the formulations:
  • balm mint with hydrosoluble flavonoids: (decongestant)
  • vine with hydrosoluble tannins & flavonoid: (blood flow activator)
Toners are available as a light water base with Witchazel Extract, Rose and Jasmine Water, with or without alcohol.
'Actives' which may be included in the formulations:
  • orange flower containing essential oils and flavonoids
  • laminaria marine extract containing fucoidine and laminaran
  • polyplant base
  • mint with hydrosoluble flavonoid
  • sunflower containing triglycerides, phytosterols and liposoluble vitamins
Moisturisers available as gels, creams or lotions with light, medium or heavy consistency. Suitable for application to dry, sensitive, mature, oily or combination skin.
'Actives' which may be included in the formulations:
  • aloe vera containing mucilages and saponins (can be supplied in organic form)
  • saw palmetto with hydrosoluble phytosterols
  • vitamin A (retinol A)
  • panthenol (vitamin D)
  • tocopherol acetate (vitamin E)
  • ascophyllum marine extract with polysaccharides and polyphenols
  • vrosemary oil with terpene derivatives
  • damiana oil with terpenes
  • vegetable collagen with pseudocollagen
Anti-ageing products are available using various 'Actives'. Extensin is a plant glycoprotein whose hydroxyproline composition approaches that of collagen with which it shares a number of structural similarities. It is rich in serine which is an amino acid that plays an important role in structuring the skin's natural moisturising factors. Fruit acids diminish corneocyte cohesion, regulating the thickness of the Stratum Corneum thereby maintaining the skin's moisture level. Hyaluronic acid fills the space between sub-dermal connective tissue and the skin, preserving the characteristics of young and healthy skin such as smoothness, elasticity and tone. Anti-oxidants help prevent tissue damage by free-radicals, DNA mutation and modification in the immune system. Selected Marine and botanical extracts aid skin regeneration. Sunscreening also prevents pre-mature ageing (see sun/after sun section).
Other anti-ageing 'Actives':
  • soy unsaponifible with phytosterols and beta-carotene
  • ginko bilbao with hydrosoluble ginkosides and catechins
  • grapefruit with hydrosoluble sugars and AHA
  • melon with hydrosoluble sugars and AHA
  • protected vitamin C (anti-oxidant) in liposome form
  • wakame marine extracts with peptides and polysaccharides
  • tocopherol acetate (vitamin E - anti-oxidant)
Masks are available as non-setting or setting peel-off forms, removable or stay-on translucent. They are also availabe for many applications such as deep pore cleansing, skin peeling, skin bleaching and brightning, spot treatment, blemish control, sebum balancing etc..
'Actives' which may be included in the formulations:
  • alchemilla with hydrosoluble tannins (refirming)
  • angelica with hydrosoluble coumarins and tannins (decongestant)
  • asiatic centella with hydrosoluble asiaticoside and asiatic acid (epithelizing)
  • butcher's broom with hydrosoluble ruscogenin (anti-inflamatory)
  • elder tree / myrrh with hydrosoluble flavonoids, phenolic acid and resin (anti-acne)
  • polyplant anti-seborrhoea (anti-seborrhoea)
  • fucus marine extracts with organic iodine and alginates (decongestant)
The men's range covers shaving gels and creams, after shave balms and gels, face and body scrubs, muscle rubs and hair and body cleansers with powerful deodorising action.
'Actives' which may be included in the formulations:
  • polysaccharides (for easy shaving)
  • silicon srubs (breakdown during scrubbing - available in 3 colours)
  • triclocarban (powerful deodoriser)
  • see other 'Actives' in moisturisers, toners and cleansers sections
Sun protection is achieved using organic and inorganic sunscreens to provide UVA and UVB protection. Octyl Dimethyl PABA and Zinc Oxide are two of our sunscreens and we have recently added an infrared screen to our list of ingredients to provide maximum skin protection. Sun protection products are available as creams, lotions, gels or oils with SPF factors ranging between 2 to 35. Moisturizing 'Actives', Marine and botanical extracts, with skin protection properties, and anti-oxidants can be added to the finished product.
Selftan: Dihydroxyacetone is used in our selftan formulations. A natural alternative is carrotene which is present in carrot oil and carrot extracts. Our self tan products are light, easy to apply lotions in which colouring pigments, fo instant skin darkening, may be included. For aesthetic appeal, other ingredients can be added to the finished product.
Special care: A variety of products are available for various skin conditions such as dry or oily skin, skin blemishes, pre-mature skin, sun damaged, spots, eczema, psorisis, wrinkles, skin tightening, blackheads, age spots, etc.. Please enquire for your specific product interest(s).
Personal care: A wide range of products are available for the personal care industry such as lubricating gels, delay creams, sensual oils and gels. Please contact us for your specific product.