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Salon Products

  1. Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  2. Enzymes
  3. Skin Whitening
  4. Cellulite Treatments
  5. Hair Growth Retarder
Alpha Hydroxy Acids, otherwise known as fruit acids, are a blend of Citric, Glycolic, Tartaric and Lactic acids extracted from sugar canes, lemon, passion flower, pineapple and grapes. Fruit acids have been found to be effective in the treatment of disorders such as hyperkeratinization, Ichthyosis, dry skin and acne. AHA's used are of natural origin and have a non-irritant skin pH. They are available as surface active clear gels or light lotions. Preprations containing AHA's up to 35% are available.
Enzymes are protein catalysts responsible for specific biochemical reactions. We currently use a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the melon tree (Papain) to enhance exfoliation and softening of the skin. This is available as mask, cream or lotion. Further enzyme products for other skin applications are currently being developed. These will be posted to this site when available.
Skin whitening is primarely achieved by tyrosinase inhibition followed by the natural degradation of melanin. Actives used are Kojic acid and/or natural botanical extracts of bearberry. In addition to making the skin whiter and brighter, skin whitners can also be effectively used for other applications such as the prevention and treatment of melasma, lentigo aestiva (freckles), lentigo senilis (age spots) and hyperpigmentation. Skin whitening is available as cream, lotion and concentrated serum containing varying levels of 'Actives'.
Cellulite, commonly known as 'orange peel skin', can be described as nodules that appear in the dermal connective tissue causing undulation of the skin, appearing after puberty in many women. There are many ways of treating cellulite. Cosmetically, it is treated by activation of fat metabolism (lipolysis), dispersal of retained fluid (oedema), activation of blood circulation and regulation of capillary permeability. This is achieved by 'Actives' found in botanical extracts of carrots, Butcher's Broom, Guarana and lemon. Cellulite treatment is available as conductive gel, concentrated serum or lotion.
Hair growth retarder is available as concentrated serum plus conductive lotion and follow-up home aftercare kit, The retarder is used immediatly after waxing, epillation or electrolysis. The penetrating base carries the 'Actives' into the hair follicles inhibiting hair regrowth.